Monday, March 25, 2013

Cupcake Grunge FTU tut


Scrapkit: "Cupcake Grunge"- this is a former PTU, now FTU kit from Irish Princess Designs, here.

Tube: I used one from PinUpToons. You must have a license to use this artist's work, which you can get here.

Mask: I used mask2 from Drea's Creations, here.

Throughout this tut, C&P means copy and paste as a new layer.

Open new image, 600x600. Open frame6. C&P, resize 50%.
Select inside the frame, expand by 5.
Add new raster layer, drag below frame.
Open paper08, copy and paste into selection. Select none.
Add drop shadow to frame.
Open box2. C&P, resize 20%. Position at right bottom corner. Add drop shadow.
Open box. C&P, resize 15%. Position just to the left of the first box. Add drop shadow.
Open cupcake2. C&P, resize 20%. Position in front of boxes, add drop shadow.
Open bow. C&P, resize 20%.
Rotate left 20 degrees, position at left top corner of the inside of the frame.
Add drop shadow.
Open shelf. C&P, resize 30%, rotate left 20 degrees. Move behind boxes, on right side of frame.
Add drop shadow.
Open words. C&P. Resize 30%. Position on left bottom side of frame. Duplicate.
Move copy behind the boxes and shelf, on the top right side of tag.
Add drop shadow to both copies.
Open tube. C&P, resize as needed.
Position on left side of tag.
Apply Xero Porcelain at default settings (or whatever looks best with your tube).
Apply Xero Radiance at whatever settings work best with your tube.
Add drop shadow.
Paste tube again behind frame. Erase to fit inside frame. Adjust blend mode to Soft Light.
Duplicate. Add Gaussian blur of 7, set blend mode to Screen, and opacity to around 75%.
Add new raster layer, drag to just above background layer.
Select all. Open Paper09, copy and paste into selection. Select none.
Apply mask, merge group, resize 85%.
Delete background layer.
Merge visible.
Select all, float, defloat. Image, crop to selection.
Resize as desired.
Add name and copyright info.

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